The Department of Business Administration, School of Business, University of Nairobi organized an online webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities during the COVID19 pandemic. 

During the Webinar, it was revealed that despite the massive disruptions that has been brought about by the COVID 19, the millions of victims dead due to the pandemic, global economic slowdowns, lockdowns of continents, countries, cities, disruption of tourism and travel, among the plethora of negative things brought about by the Corona Pandemic, all was not lost. Despite the dark clouds of the Pandemic lies the silver linings.

Some new opportunities are coming forth, some of them include :  adoption of online learning opportunities, which has made learning so easy for both students and lecturers. Due to lockdowns imposed by countries and disruption of supply chains, manufacturing industries cropped up as countries were forced to make their own facemasks for example. County Governments for example were forced to beef up healthcare provision hence addressing inequalities in health care provision. 


For the full details, watch the webinar. 


Watch the Recording:  Passcode: $m0MEeC1