Human resource managers are increasingly recognized as important contributors to overall business success. The Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management is designed to strengthen the ability of human resource professionals to perform this strategic role.  The degree emphasizes the application of the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to integrate business and human resource strategies. The Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management is designed to help human resource practitioners tap into new opportunities, handle new responsibilities and respond to new imperatives. The degree programme will open the door to advanced career opportunities and increase graduates competitiveness in this field. Graduates of this high-quality degree programme will be well prepared to address the wide spectrum of challenges facing the human resource management profession in this era of global competition. The degree is intended to prepare graduates for existing human resource positions such as Human Resource Director/Manager, International Human Resource Consultant, Organizational Development and Change Strategist, Human Resource Development Specialist and Reward Management Specialist.

Program Rationale

Recent developments in Kenya, especially the enactment of a new constitution, adoption of strategies to facilitate regional integration and the emerging economic and social challenges from the global arena call for pragmatic managerial initiatives mainly driven by competent human resource practitioners. The country and the region will continue to require expertise in human resource management to effectively confront the current and other emerging institutional challenges.

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management is one of the key strategic initiatives by the Department of Business Administration, School of Business to support the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the University of Nairobi as well as providing leadership in human resource capacity development at the national, regional and international levels. The programme is designed for both practicing human resource professionals and college graduates with an interest in human resource management. The programme provides for an in-depth examination of theory and principles in the human resource management and development functional areas. The program is a blend of several management disciplines such as organizational development and change, performance management, strategic human resource management, leadership, governance and ethics among others. The programme also provides students with the opportunity to share their work experiences and to apply learned skills in the workplace. The Master of Science in Human Resource Management prepares graduates for teaching, research, management consultancy, industry assignments as well as doctoral studies in the field of human resource management and related areas.

Objectives of the programme

The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Provide the student with knowledge and skill development that permits career advancement to senior and executive roles in human resource management within both private and public sector organizations.
  2. Enhance the student’s human resource management professional practice in and across organizational settings.
  3. Enable the student to articulate and foster a multi disciplinary approach to human resource management.
  4. Enable the student to develop competency in research and consultancy in human resource management.
  5. Enable the student to develop capability for pursuit of further studies in human resource management.

Admission Requirements View Details

a)      The common regulations for the Masters’ degree in the University of Nairobi shall apply.

b)       In addition, the applicant must be a holder of:     

  1. at least an upper second class honours degree in human resource management or equivalent in non-classified degrees.
  2. lower second class honours degree in human resource management or equivalent in non-classified degrees with at least two (2) years of post qualification work experience.
  3. any other qualifications accepted by Senate to be equivalent to any of the above.

TUITION                                                                        31,500.00

EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                             1,000.00

MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                                         6,500.00

ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                                      7,000.00

LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                                                 5,000.00

CAUTION - (ONCE)                                                      5,000.00

ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                                               2,000.00

REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                2,250.00

ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                                               1,000.00

STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                   1,000.00

THESIS EXAMINATION                                              30,000.00

 Semester totals 


2 units                                     94,750.00

 3 units                                   127,250.00

 4 units                                   159,750.00

 5 units                                   192,250.00

 6 units                                   224,750.00

 Semester totals 

Sems 2,3,5,6,8or9 

2 units                                     67,250.00

 3 units                                     99,750.00

 4 units                                   132,250.00

 5 units                                   164,750.00

 6 units                                   197,250.00

 Semester totals 

Sems 4,7 or 10 

1 unit                                     57,250.00

 2 units                                     89,750.00

 3 units                                   122,250.00

 4 units                                   154,750.00

 5 units                                   187,250.00

 6 units                                   219,750.00

 if project registered in sem4-project fee                                   180,750.00

 if project registered in sem5-project fee                                   158,250.00

Sem1                                                       3.00                           127,250.00

Sem2                                                       3.00                            99,750.00

Sem3                                                       3.00                            99,750.00

Sem4                                                       3.00                            122,250.00

Sem5                                                       3.00                             99,750.00

Sem6 Project                                                                              158,250.00

Totals                                                                                          707,000.00