Miss. Angima Caren M B:Thematic Head: 

Insurance is about managing risks through Risk Transfer. It also involves resource pooling and sharing in losses so that no one individual or business will suffer losses alone. Insurance companies therefore are in the business of assuming risk by writing policies which transfer risks from customers to themselves. This process is challenging, complex and requires a lot of skills. Insurance is geared towards growth in future and hence requires continued training. Its role in economic development of any country is very significant as it provides security for those faced with possible losses. Because population continues to rise, as does individual wealth, the need for insurance will continue to grow. Working in insurance means assisting companies and individuals in guarding themselves against loss. Risk management is an integral part of the work. Those in the insurance business can expect stimulating, lucrative environment. As an insurance professional, one will guide customers in identifying the type, and level of insurance necessary, and help them purchase the correct policy. Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and business manage risk to protect themselves from catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential problems. Work in this area is not only personally rewarding, but can be financially rewarding as well. Insurance is a stable yet dynamic industry that provides a wealth of advancement and career opportunities. Most students do not realize the high growth and enormous potential for personal development and advancement that this field offers.  The field of insurance and risk management is well-suited for those who are good listeners, who enjoy people and are comfortable with quantitative analysis of risks.  The stereotype of a slick, sleazy, fast-talking insurance salesman is largely a thing of the past.

Thematic Members:


Mr Nyamila Jacob N Muga


Mr Kibisu Midikira Churchhill


Mr. Mose Joseph Aranga