Collaborations in Business Administration

College Of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

Department of Business Administration has a collaboration with the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) to offer seed marketing and seed business management, through Seed Enterprise Management Institute (SEMIs).

Under the collaboration, Department of Business Administration participates in training people from all over Africa, on how to market and manage seed businesses.

Link: CAVS

Deg: Chancen Finanzieren – Entwicklung Gestalten

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The department collaborates with GfK (Growth from Knowledge), a Seeding Marketing Research Organization, in offering the MSc in Marketing programme.  This programme was launched in 2012, and the pioneer students are now in their second semester.  The program has four areas of specialization, namely; Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Brand & Sales Management and Retail Management.  GfK is mainly interested in the marketing research specialization.

Link: GfK

Smc University

The department collaborates with SMC University of Switzerland to offer MSc and Doctorate programs through E-Learning.  Initially, MSc in Entrepreneurship and MSc in Human Resource Management will be offered.

SMC will be responsible to develop an e-learning portal for use by the students, which University of Nairobi is responsible for marketing and branding of the programme.

Link: SMC