Career Resilience Workshop – 24th and 25th June 2015
Date and time: 
Fri, 2015-06-26 07:14
Location / Venue: 

Lower Kabete Campus

Greenhorn Mentorship Program hosted a two day Career Resilience Workshop in University of Nairobi Lower Kabete Campus. It was in partnership with one of her mentors, Ross Van Horn through Van Horn Consulting Firm.

The facilitator Gladys Kivati, was informational and challenged us to first discover ourselves by doing a self-assessment test. We  then identified our relationships rings for example role models, common interests, close friends, helpers, respect competence and referral agents. Finally we developed a career map by being very specific, ambitious and also identifying the network that can help us get to our various destinations.

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Fri, 2018-06-29 07:14
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Chairman of Department of Business Administration

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