Factors Affecting Effective Strategy Implementation in Organizations

Bwibo Adieri


Strategy is meant to be a road map and an aid to company management and leadership and also to future organizational success. Therefore, strategic management has become an important part of any modern organization. Strategy links the organization to its environment, both internal and external. Over the years, successfully formulated and implemented strategies have helped many organizations in greatly improving their financial performance. As such, strategy helps organizations to identify their competitive advantage for sustainable growth and survival. Strategy implementation is the topic of this paper, therefore the paper is concerned with composition of successful implementation and what needs to be considered. Despite this it shows challenges that can occur during the process.  The study proposed several factors that affect implementation strategy. The results demonstrate that leadership is far the most important factor influencing successful strategy implementation. Here literature from various researchers and practitioners gets connected to build a universal depiction of strategy implementation and to give managers useful implications regardless of their industry.

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