Perceived Value of Investment Promotion Incentives, and Macro-Marketing Environment on Performance of Firms in the Export Processing Zones In Kenya

Joseph Kosure, Francis Kibera, Raymond Musyoka,

Dr. Muranga Njihia,


The broad objective of this study was to establish the influence of perceived value of investment promotion incentives, and macro-marketing environment on performance of firms in the export processing zones (EPZs) in Kenya. It was anchored on international trade, macro-marketing and Foreign Direct Investment theories. The study tested the direct influence of investment promotion incentives and the moderating effect of macro-marketing environment on firm performance. The study was a census cross-sectional survey of all EPZ firms. Secondary data were obtained from various reports and bulletins. Primary data were collected from the study population using a semi-structured self-administered questionnaire. Analysis of data was done through descriptive and inferential statistics. Hierarchical multiple linear regression, was used to test the hypotheses. Results indicated that both the direct and moderation effects were statistically significant. The study has contributed to theory development, policy formulation and marketing practice.

Key words: Export processing zones, macro-marketing environment, perceived value of investment promotion incentives, firm performance, country marketing

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