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Wed, 2014-12-03 08:05
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Sarova Panafric hotel

It is impossible until it’s done. That is one of the most famous quotes by Nelson Mandela, the apartheid icon. For a long time, the corridors of the corporate world have been ruled by Accountants, Human Resources and Procurement and now comes Marketing.

The first class of Masters of Science in Marketing will be graduating this Friday on 5th December, 2014. This has not been possible in the past. It was an idea in the minds of Dr. Mary Kinoti and Chairman Department of Business Administration, Dr. Munyoki. They have finally implemented the idea despite numerous challenges.

Speaking during the graduation party to honour the first graduating class, Mr. Joseph Kimotho, the coordinator of the event, paid tribute to the University of Nairobi, School of business. He noted that business  are failing because they don’t have a strong department in marketing and they don’t have marketing information. He urged his fellow scholars, to take marketing to the people who need it most, from small medium enterprises, to cooperatives, to small organizations.

Mr. Liambila, who spoke on behalf of the graduating class urged the management to improve the academic environment of those who will be coming after them, as they have endured a tough terrain. He also urged the management to scrap of internships, as they already have experience from the industry and hence doesn’t require internships.

Dr. Mary Kinoti, expressed her joy and felt honoured that various speakers were mention her name and giving her credits for her selflessness. She challenged the pioneer class to take marketing to the people.

Dr. Munyoki Chairman, Department of Business Administration g, noted that the School of Business  is very proud of the graduating class. He added that they were very lenient. He wished the graduating class all the best.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Mohammed Hajji from Standard Chartered Bank, congratulated the graduating class and noted that they are marketers by choice. He challenged them to have a positive attitude, the right belief, and make the right choices and everything else will fall into place. He said that those are the ABC needed to succeed in the corporate world.

The event, held at Sarova Panafric hotel ended after cake-cutting to celebrate the pioneer class.

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