The Department of Business Administration (DBA) will host the 8th Virtual DBA-Africa Management Review (DBA-AMR) Conference on Tuesday 24th October  2023. The Conference aims to bring together academic scientists; leading researchers and research scholars; policymakers; and government and industry representatives to discuss how to fully harness research in shaping the future of management for the sustainability of communities. The aim of the conference is to enable inclusive problem-solving that brings together researchers and theorists from different business and management disciplines with public policy specialists and the many stakeholder communities in redouble policy efforts guided by evidence as a real change mover in strengthening the research-policy interface.

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Conference Theme:  Harnessing Research to Shape the Future of Management for the Sustainability of Communities.


  1. Governance and Policy Research for Sustainability of Communities.
  2. Marketing Research for Sustainability of Communities. 
  3. Innovation and Disruption: Strategies for Successful Sustainability of Communities
  4. The Future of Work: Adopting to a Changing Landscape for Sustainability of Communities.