Degree Regulation Detail
Course structure and Duration


4.1   The programme consists of 12 taught course units that constitute Part 1 while a project Part II.

4.2   The minimum duration for the programme shall be 4 semesters, while the maximum duration shall be 10 semesters, and will involve coursework, examinations and the research project.

4.3   A candidate shall be allowed to take a maximum of 6 course units and a minimum of 2 course units per semester.

4.4   Each course unit shall be taught for 45 contact hours.

4.5   There will be 8 core course units which shall be taken by all candidates.

4.6   In addition to the core course units, candidates will be required to take 3 specialization  course units in a chosen thematic area, and 1 elective course unit. Specialization course units allow a student to concentrate in their chosen thematic area, while elective course units provide options for additional knowledge in other areas of interest, not necessarily in their chosen thematic area.

4.7   Electives may be chosen from the list of elective course units in any area of study, or from specialization course units from a different thematic area, that would now count as electives.

4.8   Course units can only be taken after the necessary prerequisites have been successfully completed.

4.9   After completing Part I (all the taught course units – 8 core course units, 3 specialization course units, and 1 elective course unit), candidates will carry out research and produce a project (Part II). Part II shall commence in the semester immediately succeeding successful completion of Part I. Once the project is started it must be completed within the semester, or duration of six course units, with the maximum duration equivalent to the minimum load of two course units per semester.