Degree Regulation Detail
Industrial Attachment

The students will undertake a credit-earning industrial attachment (internship) in a market research focused firm or in a research department of a commercial organization for a minimum period of eight weeks. The attachment will be expected to give the intern an opportunity to put into practice the various market research principles and techniques; acquire work experience and learn new research skills; and to appreciate and understand work environment demands and expectations.


To ensure quality internship for mutual benefit the student, his/her academic supervisor, and the host-organization’s supervisor will, before commencement of the internship, agree on the plan of work; how it will be implemented, and on the mechanism for monitoring and evaluation of the intern’s performance. A detailed assessment form will be developed for use by the host-organization’s supervisor and the University Academic supervisor in evaluating the student. The University academic supervisor and the host-organization’s supervisor will each grade the student out of a total score 50%. The pass mark for Industrial Attachment will be 50%. A pass grade obtained upon  repeat  of  Industrial Attachment shall be recorded as 50% in the candidate’s academic record.

Candidates who fail to satisfy the examiners upon repeat of the Industrial Attachment or fails to complete their study within the stipulated period of 12 semesters shall, on recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by senate, be discontinued.